Slender: The Eight Pages

Continue to explore the Slender Man legend with Slender: The Eight Pages which is another chapter of the famous survival horror game series. The game centers around a figure known as Slender Man, who is described as a tall man that has a completely white face without any features on the face. He puts on the black suit and a red tie on around the neck. He is very sinister in kidnapping tons of kids in the dark, like the forests and the deserted dwellings.


In the Eight Pages, you will experience the first person adventure and your objective is to search for the eight pages from a manuscript relating to the Slender Man as you try your hardest to dodge the interaction with him.

Game Info of Slender the Eight Pages

Get ready to explore a myth of a mysterious figure known as a tall man lurking in the shadows with the creepy white face and he’s the one causing the memory loss and paranoia throughout the game.
You don’t want your battery to drain


Since this is a first-person adventure game, the player will have to discover the whole mysteries in such horror environments alone by themselves. You are the only one standing in a forest alone in the middle of the night. Your companion is just only a torch, and you’re supposed to venture into deserted farm buildings with the torch in your hands. However, your torch has a restricted battery usage. Therefore, you need to stay watchful when using it and stay alert to everything surrounding. Sincerely speaking, you don’t want your battery to drain! Especially when the Slender Man turns up, your horror story starts!

Finding manuscript

The Eight Pages is totally impressive on atmosphere, the first moments of discovery, especially when you figure out that you are lonely standing in the dark. Without a doubt, discovery is very stressed, you need to start your adventure to find the manuscript. You will find it creepier when the wind is blowing, followed by the creaking noises. Your unease and the uncomfortable state will increase more. When you bump into the Slender Man, in the end, all the things will get scarier!


Is there anything for you to do?

The real issue of the game is to reach the good bits, and you have to get past all the things that turn out to be extremely boring with a very little of real example that will happen. Things will turn very dull, and you probably find it boring without anything to do. Your sole mission is to search for the eight pages, and nothing much more, and this can be the main reason causing the gameplay to be restricted and even useless.


Download the Slender Eight Pages

Slender the Eight Pages was officially released in June 2012, and it was a beta for Microsoft Windows and OS X, which used the Unity engine. Now, you can totally download the game to your PC and start your adventure. When you’re done, you have to experience the installation procedure with just very simple steps. Click the link below to start your download now!

Download (pass code is \’dark\’)

Link Download

Before entering the game, it will be better for you to learn basic controls that you have to use in the game to advance your adventure.

  • If you want to look around, just use the mouse
  • For the movements in the game, simply press keys WASD
  • To jog or to run, use left shift
  • To gather the pages, click left mouse
  • To use the flashlight, tap key F or click right mouse
  • To zoom in/out the screen, tap key Q and E
  • To flee away, hit key Pause or quit the game

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