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Real Slender challenges all players to another creepy adventure full of mysteries. This is going to be an amazing encounter with the notorious Slender-man who is waiting for you ahead!

Game Details

Get ready to experience more horror challenges with Real Slender! This is a new version of Slender series taking players to a gruesome world filled with mysteries and dangers. The patterns of Real Slender still inherits from the previous versions; players will be on the mission of finding the notes as they try to escape away from Slender-man.
Without a doubt, the loyal fans of Slender-man experience lots of versions coming out in the past years, such as Slender Space for Unity, Slender Arrival and much more. Real Slender man can be viewed as a sequel, or just a new chapter of Slender 8 Pages belong to Parsec Productions. In the primary version, players have to roam around the wooded jungle alone in order to gather pages. They have no idea about being observed by a mysterious man lurking in the dark and trying to attack them whenever a chance comes. Trying to show resistance is completely pointless. The only way for survival is to flee. Players are not equipped with modern weapons, excluding for the flashlight that has limited usage.
In fact, Real Slender is not allowed to call “Real” because of its ingenuity, unless you consider that it’s actually based on the primary idea, which means no any brand new factors that are able to change this horror game into a shooting game.
About Real Slender
Once entering Real Slender, you find yourself at the car junk yard with only a flashlight. This equipment doesn’t look bad; it still can light up some of the diminutive areas. Usually, your flashlight can flicker for a bit, but don’t panic, it won’t run out! For the Slender-man, he is still there being very static. You can catch sight of his shadow from a far distance, but he’s not dangerous when being far from you like that. When you get into this situation like that, you need to dodge him no matter what, however, nothing can be sure that he won’t appear behind your back when you advance your game. If you want to run, you just simply press the keys for movement and hold the left mouse at the same time. You don’t have to get scared when bumping into other characters, because they are not perilous, for example, a missing girl and a creepy woman. Their mission is to draw you away and bring more dangers to you.
Effects and General Impressions
Real Slender feature a horror music and creepy theme, but the sound of the game is still kind of like a roar emitting from an injured elephant and completely destroys the general impression. One of the best effects that can be found in the game is a genuine breathing sound of the players that can increase when the sprinting performance starts. In particular, the in-game graphics are still good, and the size of it is not too huge. It’s just only 20MB for a Unity game like that. Most of the players can enjoy it even though their internet connection is somewhat slower.

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