Slender Mystery Camp 3D

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Game Details

Are you willing to take on new challenges in anther cool adventure of the Slender game series? Let’s engage in Slender Mystery Camp 3D to explore new mysteries now! Slender Man is still there longing for you! As a player who doesn’t know about the surroundings much, you are supposed to be well-prepared for all the sudden upcoming dangers. No light for you here! It’s all dark and dark, along with the spooky environments. How will you survive from all those obstacles? Most of the players are forced to activate their brain in order to discover the mysteries in the game. Being trapped in the middle of nowhere, standing and start moving ahead are the crucial things that need to be fulfilled. You never know what is waiting for you ahead! If you have been playing Slender games series before, then you would have been familiar with Slender Man, a notorious creepy guy lurking in the dark and staring at you to death! What will he do this time in Slender Mystery Camp 3D? What is his plan? What is your mission here? If you feel interested in the game, let’s find out the basic information now!


Game Info of Slender Mystery Camp 3D

Slender Mystery Camp is another creepy game of Slenderman series. Although the game is not considered as the worst ever, it’s still not viewed as the best either. The basic gameplay still sticks to the original one very much.

In the game, you will take control of your character and try to move through the dark creepy environment in order to gather eight pages regarding Slender Man while trying to dodge this notorious guy and flee away from the death done by him. You can’t find any signs of plot here. Different from the previous ones, you find yourself at the campsite somehow, you can determine it by seeing some of the tents positioning at your beginning point.

Your character must explore a dark, spooky environment, collect eight pages, and escape death at the hands of Slenderman. There is no real indication of a plot, other than the premise that you’re at a campsite of some variety, as evidenced by the tents at your starting point.


The chirrup of cricket

The environment of the game also spots out some of the differences even though they don’t make sense much. Seemingly, the palm trees are out of the place in which you need to be. About the sound effects, they are kind of little, all you can hear is the chirrup of the cricket surrounding and the booming sound of the forthcoming arrival of Slender man, which will turn effective a little bit if didn’t disappear awkwardly the further you escape away from Slender Man.

Slenderman remains unchanged

You probably have been experiencing some of the horror games before, in which your chaser is completely an unchanged image heading towards you. As for the Slenderman, he doesn’t look completely different from others much! He maintains a fixed image, no changing at all! However, he will tug towards you rather than keeping a glide.


Good controls

Though the gameplay is kind of typical, the controls don’t have any complaints. They are extremely smooth. Seemingly, there are no matters about being snagged on a certain object while moving in such dark, creepy environment. The movement of the character is kind of sad. The ending seems to have a certain small matter!

What will you do next after gathering the final page?

When you are done gathering all the pages, you don’t have any clear direction to fulfill the next thing or move to another place. In fact, you should know that you never flee away from it! Never! However, is the game still fun to play? Obviously, you know it! It’s not scary much, but it’s still worth a try! Let’s try it and experience it now!

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