Slender Mystery Forest

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Moves around by using keys WASD Use the mouse to check and look around

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Welcome to Slender Mystery Forest!
Despite being called “notorious criminal”, Slender-man is still out there waiting for you! His popularity has dramatically increased through many stories and seemingly, it’s unstoppable. Now, let’s get ready to take on new challenges in Slender Mystery Forest!
Your main objective is to collect the orbs or balls that are dispersed around the location, some of them were covered in the bushes, the other ones were still visible at somewhere, nearby the bench or in the trees. There are 6 vacant slots depicted in the top of the screen, and you are supposed to out one accurate sphere with the precise number on it, (from 1 to 6). The quest for these orbs isn’t restricted with time, sooner or later, you will get all of them. However, the danger is when there is still a mysterious being out there lurking and sneaking around in the dark. It’s nothing but Slender-man. Stay alert to him no matter what! If he gets closer to you, the whole screen will turn dark, and you know what, you get ruined!
The in-game graphics are kind of fair, but the music is extremely irritating. There are some of the issues with the basic controls. Aside from the keys WASD to move, you can’t perform the running because no keys for you to fulfill that action. Sometimes, the screen will get frozen, or the players get lost, leading to their end easily, particularly if Slender-man is nearby them. About this thin guy, he is not completely coming from the darkness; he sometimes traverses the open space, which can reduce the scary element.

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