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Are you up for a new creepy challenge in the new version of Slender series? Take part in Slender Winter Edition and get ready to face your fears once again! The wicked Slender-man finally returns, and he is waiting for you! Let’s see how you will tackle with dangers this time!
About Slender Winter Edition
Slender Winter Edition opens another gruesome adventure for you! Once again, you are lost and lonely in a dangerous forest, and you feel like someone is watching you while lurking in the dark. You surely will imagine that it’s a tall, faceless person trying to attack you whenever a chance comes. This horror feeling will remind you of some people going missing, and no one could find them. A mystery that no one can unravel! Their disappearance is forever! Do you know who the culprit is? Let’s get ready to encounter with Slender-man, as usual!
Do you dare to gather the balls dispersing around the woods in the freezing winter night? This is a dangerous mission that you have to take on. Just make an effort to gather all the balls in the least amount of time possible. However, all your movements have to be done quietly and secretly because once that wicked monster wakes up, then expect the death to happen or being caught by him! But if you accidently make him awake, let’s run no matter what! Run for life and try to survive at all cost!
Game modes: Time Challenge and Survival mode
Slender Winter Edition offers two game modes to players. One is Time Challenge, and the other one is Survival Mode. For Time Challenge, you are supposed to find 6 balls in the shortest time. But for Survival mode, you don’t have to worry about the time factor. Just freely continue gathering the balls until you get caught by the Slender-man, resulting in a game over. Eventually, you will check out how many balls you got. Supposedly, whenever you find a ball, that evil thin guy will get madder, move more quickly and turn more hostile, reducing the possibilities for you to survive.
Winter Edition is available on Amazon
Slender Winter Edition has arrived at Amazon. The game was already uploaded by User Riba so that players could download the game without costing any cent. In fact, this version is only made for Android, and you can enjoy the Unity version on this site as well, which is just the same as the Android version. No need to worry about the game quality between two versions because it’s identical anyway.
Slender Winter Edition was created for players to enjoy it during their New Year’s and Christmas holidays. Without a doubt, encountering with Slender-man is always amazing! If you bump into him in this version, you may see that he is putting a Santa hat on, and this feature somewhat reduces the horror factor of Slender-man. The walking speed of the game is also developed, and players can utilize a map.
Controls in the game
The controls are kind of fundamental, simple and easy to fulfill. For walking and moving, just simply use keys WASD and if you want to sprint, you can hit key Shift, even though you can’t always run, after a but, it wears off! However, you can still sprint if you know how to use this feature properly sometimes, especially when you need it. Jumping is not a usual feature in Slender series but still; you can do it! If you want to check the surroundings, you can use the mouse.

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