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It’s time to depart another creepy adventure and explore new horror challenges with Slender-man Daybreak which is another version of a Slender series. Have you ever thought of meeting Slender-man when daylight first appears? What will you do if you bump into him in the daytime? Let’s check it out now!

About Slender-man Daybreak

This version will give you a chance to bump into Slender-man in the middle of the day! Be prepared for an encounter with him! Your goal is to gather 8 drawings or the messages before being caught by Slender-man. The players are not equipped with a flashlight because their adventure will take place in the daytime. Slender-man Daybreak’s gameplay is kind of good, and it’s still a 3D horror Slender game after all. However, the ending of the game seemingly doesn’t meet the requirement of the players.
Since the game is one of Unity first-person games centering the Slender-man, it’s inevitable to have some of the issues, but all of them have been solved this time. Nevertheless, the game still contains some of the lacks, but just a little bit!


Mouse Cursor Problem

Mouse is the vital control in Slender-man Daybreak. However, it still gets players annoyed because they usually lose the cursor position appearing on the screen. Slender-man games always offer the map to the players for their movements, and they have to look up, down, go to the left, go to the right, after the mouse is gone for a while. But, for this version, the players can solve this issue by hitting key ESC, and the cursor will appear once again on the screen. Just click left mouse and the cursor turns invisible!


No Glitches

No need to worry about the loading time of Slender-man Daybreak! It’s only just more than 4MB, so it loads very fast. The movements of the game become smoother, and no glitches can be found in the game.


Slender messages

The goal of the game is still the same as other previous versions! You have to gather 8 messages to obtain your goal. Apparently, the game developers have lost themselves for a bit, and then they began creating these kind of games in which gathering items, things is your main mission. The messages that you are looking for were described in the drawings of the kids, where Slender-man is the principle motive. Don’t get shocked when you see them! Their appearances are kind of gruesome since they display the initial confrontation between the kid and the wicked monster.



Daybreak can be viewed as the most different factor that will help us distinguish the game itself from other previous versions. This is kind of uncommon feature in Slender series. Normally, players have to escape the Slender-man and stay alert to everything while they are in the dark. But this time, it will be a special experience! Instead of roaming around the obscure woods filled with dangers, players are put in an urban complex full of daylight that first appears. You don’t have to face the dark forest while wandering around alone, holding the flashlight in your hand. In the Daybreak version, you will catch sight of enormous blue skies, and you no need a flashlight for checking out surroundings. Slender-man Daybreak has an original game which is called “Urban Daylight Slenderman.” However, the title of the game was cut shortly, and now it’s called only “Daybreak.”



Apparently, the most outstanding disadvantage of Daybreak is the way Slenderman performs his movements. When you’re done searching and collecting the message number one, this thin guy begins keeping track of you, no matter where you go. Every single step he makes is always right behind you. If you lose his tracks, it will be much more awesome! Losing the track can be a factor that makes the game more serious and more gruesome. Another disadvantage that needs to be considered is that you are unable to sprint. The players usually tap key Shift to increase their running speed to keep a good distance from Slender-man. But, in this game, that key doesn’t work! You probably feel incomplete because nothing happens to you even if you’re done gathering the messages. You just keep running and escaping!

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