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Slenderman Must Die is the next chapter of the famous horror Slenderman game series. After experiencing multiple creepy panic feelings in previous versions, are you still up for the return of Slenderman? This time, you will take on a completely challenging mission. Now, be prepared for another gruesome adventure!

About Slenderman Must Die

Do you think Slender-man deserve an end after committing all the crimes? Honestly speaking, he needs to get destroyed and has to pay a price for what he has done to you in the previous games. Obviously, the answer is always yes! Slender-man had committed lots of evil works, such as freely roaming around in the dark, grabbing a chance to abduct kids, slay humans and much more. Slenderman Must Die is another chapter giving players a chance to hunt for this thin man and kill him. This is a new idea of the game developers when they want everything in the game to be inverted. Instead of trying to escape away from Slender-man as you did in the former games, this time, you have to search for him, catch him and do whatever it takes to get rid of him. The game objective is to grab the power of the Slender-man and take his indestructibility away using a strong gun rather than a normal flashlight.

Amazing Features of Slenderman Must Die

Gather 8 pages and destroy Slender-man
Slenderman Must Die was made under 3D Unity version. It can be played, downloaded, played offline on both Android and PC. All these versions are totally the same. In the game, the players are taken to an abandoned hospital – sanatorium, which is known as the preferred place of Slender-man. Aside from the woods, he usually spends his time in that area. The players will have to perform their movements skillfully, and this feature is kind of smooth without any bugs. The same goes for the map. No need to worry about any errors that might happen to you in the game. Similar to other horror games, players will usually feel creepy when entering some of the gray obscure rooms that have low ceilings and the furniture condition goes worse and rougher. Besides trying to kill Slender-man, make sure that you have to collect 8 pages in order to obtain your goal and beat the challenges.


Bloody Scenes

Bloody scenes can be considered as one of the significant factors contributing to the success of the game. Being viewed as a horror game, surely Slenderman Must Die consists of various gory scenes that can make the players feel gruesome but happy. Because that’s what horror game is! Imagine you are venturing into the territory of the death! It’s nothing but a damned hell that you have to survive at all costs! All the floors of the rooms are filled with blood, and there are lots of blood stains appearing on the walls. Don’t get shocked when you catch sight of multiple cut-off heads and slaughter bodies in some of the rooms. Just keep calm and continue your adventure! You are supposed to gather ammo and search for powerful weapons for your survival. Also, don’t forget to take a rest for a bit, feed your body with foods, milk, water to refill the energy.


User Judgments

There are lots of comments towards Slenderman Must Die. They can be separated into two groups. Some of the players who are fond of playing online browser games considering that Slender-man Must Die is one of the best versions that has a high quality of all chapters of Slender-man series. On the contrary, there are still other tough players leaving their comments on YouTube and saying that Slenderman Must Die is nothing but trash, and the game has a bunch of lacks. They usually bemoan about the reload button, causing their game to run more slowly. For the other players, they make their complaints about the grammar appearing in the texts.

Poison Games

“Poison Games” is a term that one game developer who is behind this Slenderman Must Die calls himself. For those who are fond of his games, they can check out the game online named Z Day Shootout or they can even play the next version of Slenderman Must Die. But unluckily, this chapter is only made for PC, and there is no browser version coming out yet. The second chapter of Slenderman Must Die takes place in the future and brings the players to a deserted space station.

Slenderman Must Die On YouTube

Without a doubt, gameplay videos of Slenderman Must Die are very abundant on YouTube presented by some of the players who have experienced this game. Let’s check out the video as shown below to explore more about its gameplay! However, you no need to watch a walkthrough video of Slenderman Must Die. Surely this type of shooting game is extremely familiar to you!

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