Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space

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Game Details

Are you a Slender Man hater? Do you want to defeat this notorious evil man? Let’s play Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space to take revenge on him now! This is a good chance for you to make him pay back what he has done to you in the previous games. Without a doubt, being stalked and stared to death are so uncomfortable and always bring you unease state! That’s what you have gone through when trying to search for the hidden notes before Slender Man turns up and catches you. Now, you no worry about it anymore! You’re here to destroy him! Let’s check the game out and see what you can do!


Game Info of Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space

Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space is a sci-fi version of the famous Slenderman Must Die creepy game. Your goal is to gather 13 energy cells to kill the Slenderman. However, it won’t be easy for you to know where to search for them; you are not provided with any map in the game. No need to worry about it too much, though you are alone, you are still very well-armed. With the powerful hi-tech laser gun in your hands, you can totally detonate such a big creature like Slender-man. The only issue you have to face is that he doesn’t text you or inform you about if he appears or not, instead, he will turn up in front of you at random without you knowing, which can be considered as the best point of the game. Slender-man plays an important role in the game! If we don’t have him, then surely we are playing a normal shooting game that has powerful weapons and a bunch of enemies.


You will experience a scene in which a big tall alien appears showing his long hands and fingers that are like the giant claw. He stares at you, which makes you imagine Slender-man. Try to hit him using a laser beam, he will detonate and breaks into pieces, just like the creatures that look like spiders. He will creep around sprint around the space. That’s so scary!

A sequel to the previous version

The initial part of Slender-man Must Die was released in July 2014, with the name Sanatorium. Thanks to various action scenes filled with blood, and vindictive chase of the player trying to kill Slender-man, the game was kind of nice enough to catch more attentions of the gamers, making them long for the sequel. If you remember, you can see that the demo version of the game was created for PC only. For those who are very patient, we honorably bring the second part of the game named Dead Space and you can explore this online version.


Poison Games are very famous for the games that the players are equipped with powerful weapons, and they will chase after the big killer. Unluckily, this game is made for PC only as well!
When you’re done playing the first part, if you are interested in the whole game, you can check out another similar game named Slender Space too.

Android versions

Android games are not the thing of Dark Horror Games. Nevertheless, there are some of the players that can find it very exciting to play Chapter 2 on Android devices. Seemingly, the things look more and more increased, and faster. We can be sure that Poison Games have launched their third sequel on Google play, which is called Silent Forest.

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