Slenderman Torture Chambers

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The infamous thin guy is back with the new version called Slenderman Torture Chambers! Get ready to depart another gruesome adventure and explore more secrets about Slender-man!

Game Details

Slenderman Torture Chambers is a usual horror adventure game in which survival is the only goal of players. Similar to other Slender-man versions, players will have to face creepy fears surrounding them as being watched by a mysterious being known as Slender-man! Check it out now!
Game info
In Slendermen Torture Chamber, you will start wandering around the obscure basement that has corridors. The sound that you can hear is when you make your footsteps and breathe heavily. There are some of the pale torches that light up the room. At the entry of every single room, you will see an iron gate. The basement also features an ancient library, the dorms of soldiers, and dining room. However, there are no vestiges showing that this place used to be a house of someone, excluding for the appearance of Slender-man along with a girl that has black hair.
When you’re on the mission of hunting for the notes, you probably experience the most gruesome moment! It’s when you hear the sound of doors opening, subliminally giving you a sign of another person standing in the room with you. If you bump into Slender-man, your health begins decreasing gradually. If you can manage to escape away from him before you run out of health, you can get out of dangerous situation. To make sure your health is stable, you need to gather health packages on your way. Your goal is to gather all 8 notes that are all written on a large paper. You need to complete this mission before Slender-man catches you. Otherwise, your game will be over!

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