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Game Details

Are you frightened of Slendytubbies? These creepy creatures are back with the second chapter of the horror game series. Say hi to Slendytubbies 2 and explore more challenges! If you are interested in thrilling moments with gruesome environments surrounding, along with dreadful missions, then this game is worth a try!

Slendytubbies Part 1

We are about to head toward the second part of the series, but before we do that, let’s take a look at the first part back to explore the gameplay. Do you know Teletubbies? They appear on the TV for the little child, and it’s an amazing kid show all the time! These creatures play and have fun all day. What would it be if these cute creatures got the murder instinct of the famous guy called Slender-man? The players are put in the middle of the woods with the mission of gathering the tubby custard in such a dark place. You surely feel creepy whenever these creatures get out of the woods at random with bloody appearances, and they begin screaming. In most of the situations, they will jumpscare a lot, which can be seen as the good part of the game. But, it’s so sad when you have nothing in your hands for defense.



Slendytubbies 2

Slendytubbies 2 is the sequel to Slendytubbies game series. The size of the game is extremely big, up to 280MB. This could be because the game is made with the new engine, and it does have the Oculus Rift and 3D anaglyphy. There are some of the outstanding features that might get you surprised in the game. First of all, there are various maps in the game, such as Secret Lair, Secret Garden, Lake, Teletubby Land (at night) and much more. There are up to 10 discrepant maps in this version. The second one might be the custard amount ruler that you can scroll in order to switch the difficulty level. The next one can be the camera which probably makes the players misunderstand and think that it’s actually a gun that can be used for annihilating tubbies. There is something similar that you can see in Outlast horror, in which you can totally zoom in/out, record in order to check out the incoming creatures in such a dark area. You can advance your game in exploring the right moment to run away from the dangers. Well yes, in the game, you can run a lot by using one button.


About The Author

Seam Toman is a game developer and game designer, and he comes from Belfast UK. He is known for his first release called “Midnight Man” which is a 3D Unity horror game that may catch your attention as well. After launching Midnight Man, he released lots of other horror games such as Slendytubbies, Minotaur Maze, Rhythm Master, etc., and now we have Slendytubbies II. Most of these games are made for Linux and Windows PC only. You can wait and check out if there is any playable online version or not! If not, just freely download the game to your PC and start your own adventure!


Basic controls in Slendytubbies 2

To perform the movements of your character, simply press keys WASD or arrow keys. If you want to run, hit key Shift, and you may use it a lot during your game. For jumping over the obstacles, you can press spacebar. If you want to toggle the light, then click the left mouse, the right mouse will be for viewing the camera. You can zoom in and out the screen with key Q and E. To start a conversation, hit key T. If you want to toggle the player names, press key P.

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